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Danny & Cath

"Our day was filled with such joy and love, and Andy’s photos captured the essence of the day beautifully. His photos are so natural – we never get bored of looking back through them, you notice something new every time! He made us feel so relaxed and at peace with having our photo taken (not an easy feat for camera-shy people like us!) and we honestly couldn’t have asked for anything more. Andy was absolutely fantastic and his photos are beautiful. We couldn’t recommend him enough..."

Steve and Miri

"We loved the creativity Andy had on the day. He capture the essence of who we are. We have some amazing photos at the fair on the dodgems, which we love, no-one else is likely to have any like them. This unique tailoring should not to be missed! Andy was flexible and adaptable to the day and helped us have a relaxed and joyful day which was captured wonderfully."

Fiona & Rasmus

"...we had an idea which we pitched to Andy which he loved! We would get ready in the morning and spend Saturday afternoon before the party wandering around our favourite places in Brussels taking fun photos...The afternoon was sooo much fun! Seriously, after the whole getting married part, one of the highlights was spending a whole afternoon together taking photos...They are wedding photos I would actually be happy and not embarrassed to hang on our wall (or put on my facebook profile!). Andy is a great photographer and I think he did a good job capturing us in these photos, rather than a couple who looks like every other wedding couple."

Charlie & Cath

"With one of us camera-shy and the other camera-hogging, Andy found the perfect balance to give us natural photos we both love. He worked his magic to capture a wealth of wonderful memories, reflecting the fun, colour and happiness of the whole day. We could not have asked for more! "

William & Lucy

"Andy did a great job photographing our wedding and we're so glad we chose him to do it. He stayed with us all day - from our preparations in the morning right through to the evening party - and we feel that he really captured the spirit of our most special day. He is a lovely guy to have around and was so relaxed in taking the photos that he helped us to feel relaxed about having them taken. We also ended up with a great mix of photos - formal and informal, contemporary and traditional; which was what we wanted, so Andy did really well at matching and even exceeding our expectations. The album we received at the end is lovely and of high quality. It is a wonderful keepsake to remind us of all the happy memories from that day in the years to come. Thank you Andy!"

Sam and Amy

"We would definitely recommend Andy as an excellent wedding photographer. He was totally flexible to our random requests and allowed us to get the photos that we wanted, as well as adding in tonnes of great ideas of his own! He took a brilliant mixture of formal and informal shots, which left us spoilt for choice on which ones we would put up on our wall. He had clearly also spent a great deal of time making our album perfect after the day itself; there wasn't one bad shot in there!"

Nate & Kris

"Your wedding day is always a day you want to cherish and capture and Andy did just that. From the start we liked his attention to detail and artistic flair which is evident on his website. We requested that he think of our day as a story to be told with the caveat that the photos look natural and not posed. He did an amazing job capturing all the detail from start to finish so that when we now look through the album, we are taken back to our beautiful day once again. We especially liked Andy's good nature which has a calming effect and his creativity combined with professional advise. And lastly Andy designed a beautifully crafted wedding album which captured the day perfectly. Thank you again Andy for your professionalism and excellent photos."

Tom & Katie

"We highly recommend Andy. He did a fantastic job on our wedding day, he was professional throughout and made everyone feel at ease. The pictures we got to remember our day are beautiful and we show them off at every opportunity!"

James & Jenny

"Andy always went the extra mile for us at our wedding, capturing the feel of the day, smiles and personalities, as well as timeless posed snapshots. He served us and our families brilliantly without ever taking the limelight himself, allowing us to just enjoy the day. We had great fun on the day with pictures to match, ones that we can treasure forever in a beautiful album. We would gladly recommend Andy to anyone!"

Olly & Jemma

'My husband & I really wanted a traditional wedding after attending many weddings that felt like they were tailored for the photo album. Andy listened to everything we wanted, he was very discrete and we felt at completely ease with him. He had great creative ideas & the photos proved him right. We were so pleased with our traditional linen bound album, we couldn't thank him more'

Andrew & Penny

"Andy was like an extension to our family and friends at our wedding and his photos caught the happiness and fun of our special day. He has given us a permanent and lovely reminder to treasure and we would recommend him wholeheartedly."

Tim & Sarah

"We had an amazing day, and Andy was fantastic at capturing the moments, without the typical tedium of wedding photos. It meant the pictures were more fun and natural, and no-one got bored! We would highly recommend Andy's photography services."